⭐️ OUR PURPOSE Is to enable Learning & Development Professionals to shake their personal and professional development, their organizations, communities, and the L&D world.

🔭 OUR VISION Is to become the global go-to place for any L&D professional who is looking to advance their career.

🎯 OUR MISSION To achieve this, we’re creating a safe space, enabling and guiding L&D professionals to connect, grow and take bold actions every day.

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There are two ways to show up in a community: as a consumer or as a co-creator.

L&D Shakers is a co-created space, where all the learning experiences are co-designed and co-delivered by community members, for free, in their free time, and out of a shared passion for learning. We respect and admire each other’s courage, work and contribution.

For most people, the default is to show up in consumer mode. That is a much safer choice. Co-creation and participation is often perceived as being riskier: Do I say and do the right thing? What will others think of me? What if I make a mistake? It seems ‘smarter’ to start out by observing and seeing what’s happening. Our comfort zone has an allure to it that is hard to escape from.

We also know that’s not where learning happens. Learning happens by rolling up our sleeves and making stuff happen. Learning happens in action and through action.

That’s why in our community, every member can host an event, a community takeover, take the lead for an event type, adopt a Slack channel, come up with project ideas and rally a team to make it happen, start a learning cluster, and much more. This is your personal learning playground. There are no expectations, no KPIs, no managers to tell you what to do. It’s you, your creativity, your ideas, your way of doing things, and your courage to leave your comfort zone behind and fully immerse yourself into learning by doing. And a bunch of like-minded people to go on this journey with you!

We’re happy you’re here!

Read our 2022 Year-in-Review

Read our 2022 Year-in-Review

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